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Personal Financial Advice in San Rafael, CA

At Online Capital Management, we provide institutional level investment management and personal financial advice in San Rafael, CA, to individuals at a reasonable cost. Our financial advisors will meet with you regularly to offer custom advice and recommendations tailored to your personal needs and objectives and you don’t have to move your accounts or give up control of your investments.

Lower Fees, High Value

We believe lower fees and lower taxes are the surest paths to better returns. Our fees are negotiated upfront with our clients and are based on what the client needs (financial planning, investment management, corporate benefits advice, etc.). First, we do not charge clients for services they do not use. Second, we reduce the cost of overhead with our innovative use of technology and pass the savings onto our clients all while maintaining an institutional caliber class of financial services and portfolio management.

We provide:

  1. A Personal Financial Advisor
  2. Company Benefit Analysis
  3. Comprehensive Financial Planning
  4. Investment Analysis, Advice, and Portfolio Management

A Personal Financial Advisor

When you hire Online Capital Management, you will receive customized financial advice from a person, not a robot. While we utilize technology extensively to cut down on bureaucracy and keep overhead costs low, we know that there is no replacement for speaking with an experienced financial advisor about your investment recommendations or when creating and executing the financial plans that will help you reach your life goals.

Company Benefit Analysis

As with our Executive Benefits Consulting clients, we are happy to help our individual clients better understand and make the most of their employer’s benefits package. We will help you integrate benefits into your personalized financial plan.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Your financial advisor will meet with you regularly to get to know your goals and show you the path to reaching them. The advice you receive will always be tailored to your unique needs. We will look at all aspects of your finances and guide you through the key decisions that allow you to make the most of the money and benefits you earn with our personal investment services.

Investment Analysis, Advice, and Portfolio Management

Investment Analysis, Advice, and Portfolio Management

We believe all investors need advice to help them make better decisions, but that advice should come from an individual you can talk to, not the latest robot-advisor. There is a use for technology and automation, but at our firm, it is used to allow our advisors to be there for our clients full-time and to lower the costs to a reasonable level for our clients. Our investment philosophy and strategy is explained thoroughly and can be customized for any client. Here are a few of the fundamentals of our philosophy that we can help clients customize:

  • Managing around Concentrated Positions (or Holdings a Client does not Want to Sell)
  • Asset Allocation Based Portfolio Management
  • Multi-Factor Investing
  • Strategic, Intermediate, and Tactical Rebalancing
  • Customized Investing for Socially Responsible, Social Governance, or Custom-Built Portfolios

Founding Principles

Our founder has more than 20 years of industry experience helping clients realize economic freedom, and has taken what he has learned and created an advisory service from scratch that he could feel comfortable recommending to family members, friends, relatives, and himself. It is the service that he wished was available for his clients at other firms but is not.

Contact us at (855) 213-9220 for questions on how we can help you manage your investments.