Executive Benefits Consulting in San Rafael, CA

At Online Capital Management, we are passionate about helping people make informed financial decisions and presenting information in a way that's easy to understand for non-financial professionals. We provide independent and unbiased employee benefits assessments, personal financial planning, and investment analysis and advice to organizations and their employees.

Your firm will work with a Certified Financial Planner® with more than 20 years of industry experience and 10 years specializing in investments and financial planning in San Rafael, CA.

Help Your Employees Get Their Financial House in Order

We offer comprehensive financial advice. The employees we work with receive an objective personal financial plan, including full current balance sheet, forecasts for retirement and educational planning, future projections, and recommendations to make the most of their company-sponsored benefits.

We also review insurance, estate planning recommendations, debt, liability management, and answer any questions they may have. Investment recommendations are included to properly diversify their portfolios and align their investments with their risk tolerance and goals.

With the knowledge to make informed decisions and a personalized strategy in hand, we believe employees can feel more in control of their future and financial life and feel more valued and engaged within your organization.

Is Your Company Making the Most of Your Benefits Package?

If you’re like most of the human resources professionals we work with, you know that your company’s benefits package is tremendously valuable, but you may worry that your employees don’t understand the value. Strong benefits package can help attract better talent, retain employees, and lower the costs associated with your workforce, but it’s tough for busy HR teams to articulate the benefits of the plan to their employees on a personal level. That’s where we come in. We work with businesses to engage their employees and improve their understanding of the company’s benefits package as individuals. Our company-sponsored financial consultations and workshops help to:

  • Improve Retirement Plan Participation
  • Help Employees Prepare Better for Retirement
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Help with Onboarding, Off-Boarding, and Assistance with Other Employment Transitions

Individual Consultations

During our individual financial consultations, we provide unbiased financial guidance to help employees create individual financial strategies and plans. Some organizations choose to only include employees with more complex needs, such as a certain population of executives and highly compensated employees. Our goal is to help improve your organization’s employee experience by:

  • Helping Your Employees Understand and Optimize Their Employee Financial Benefits
  • Strategize with Your Employees to Integrate Benefits Into a Personalized Financial Plan
  • Provide Independent Investment Analysis and Customized Investment Recommendations and Advice

Customized Educational Workshops

We work individually with your employees to provide financial advice as well as with groups of employees to provide educational workshops. Each presentation is customized to help your employees understand the specific benefits available to them. Our popular workshop topics include:

  • Maximizing Your Retirement Plan
  • Tax Law Changes
  • How to Make the Most of Equity Awards
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Using Your HSA Plan
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Social Security and Pension Planning
  • Life, Health, Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance

Support the Unique Needs of Your Company Leaders

For many executives and key employees, it’s nearly impossible to find the time to evaluate their financial opportunities and ensure their financial strategies are up-to-date. Our goal is to simplify this process, so the people who work for you can focus on their career and passions in life knowing they have the added corporate benefit of professional financial guidance on their side.

Our organization is built on a foundation of highly experienced and dedicated professionals with a broad range of exposure to accounting, economics, financial planning, and investment management. We have successfully guided executives of large corporations through our evaluation process to help them discern the best choices for the use of their company benefits and personal finances. We can help with key strategic decisions in multiple areas, including but not limited to:

  • Strategic Advice on Equity Awards (ESOP, SAR, NQSO, ISO, Pre-IPO Awards, and More)
  • Retirement Savings Plans (401K, Profit Sharing, Roth, Pension Strategies, etc.)
  • Tax Strategies
  • Deferred Compensation (Strategic Planning)
  • HSA-Planning as an Investment Vehicle
  • Company-Provided Insurance and Disability Review
  • Debt Management
  • Savings Strategies
  • Credit Score Management
  • Trust and Estate Planning

Contact us so our firm can help your employees better manage their benefits.